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+1 Year of The Rooster

January 26 – March 26, 2017, 3:30Pm - 7:00Pm


+1 Year of The Rooster


In a contemporary art world where trends are transnational and work reflecting a distinct provenance can be critically and commercially sidelined, how do artists from a country with such a rich and long standing art making tradition handle the tensions between heritage and international projection?

+1/Year of the Rooster aims to project the existence of “time” in art. Time is invisible and fluid, a fourth dimension unalterable by human beings. To the Chinese, the concept of time relates to five millennia of inherited civilization. Succeeding generations have imbued their culture with a unique artistic style and aesthetic.

When young Chinese artists in the United States evolve the new from the old they are now aware of possibilities outside of this unique aesthetic. This juncture leads them to explore a more nuanced approach, one where the relation between “past” and “present” is enriched by external cultural references, formal approaches, and conceptual strategies.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the Rooster marks a specific yet recurring time, a point on this infinite axis. For centuries Chinese history has assigned this marker to a particular moment. In this show, the artists are seizing this moment to dwell on the continuities and breaks of Chinese history through the prism of a broader sensibility, without disregarding inherited wisdom. Ultimately, the works in +1/Year of the Rooster seek to reflect the ebb and flow of time, mixing up the notion of a fixed past history with a continuously evolving present.

Exhibition info:

Date: 1/26/2017-3/26/2017­

Opening reception: 1/26/2017 6:00pm-9:00pm

Address: The Clemente 107 Suffolk Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY, 10002

Curator: Miguel Trelles, Ora Xu

Participant Artsits: Yinan Cheng, Yu Jin, Shelia Liu, Yiduo Li, Cathy Sun, Anyu Wu, Ora Xu, Vanessa Xu, Apple Zhou

Special guest artist: Jueyuan Shen



Ora Xu is a New York based Chinese painter and illustrator. She enters the School of Visual Arts where she is an Illustration major graduating in 2018.

Grew up in a traditional Chinese family, Ora’s is strongly influenced by Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi’s Taoism philosophies. She focuses on the relationship between human’s “physical existence” and “free mind”. Living in big cities, Ora always switches between being an isolated individual and being a small particle in this massive population. She cannot choose a preference because one reminds her of her own personality and the other makes her a sane human being. She believes that it is when one realizes his existence is limited, that his spirit starts to explore for infinity. Her painting style is deeply influenced by Surrealism as well. In Ora’s artworks, she brings multiple spaces into one image while looking for a balance among nonsenses. She thinks this process can help her find the balance between rationality and free-will.


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Yinan Cheng is a Chinese contemporary artist living and studying in New York. He is the founder of Flushing Artists Society.

His creative process can be described as an analysis in history, politics and social issues. The aesthetic and conceptual strategies of his works are the result of experimenting through a process of working and reworking with ideas and concepts as a starting point for social critique.



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Yu Jin (b.1995) is currently pursing her BFA at Sculpture and Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design.

Born and raised in late 90s China, I am shocked by all the changes throughout the new millennium the reformation of education, the accelerating development of technologies and the impact of western culture have largely shaped the consciousness of my generation. Having studied in the United State for more than two years, I have become more sensitive towards the difference between the western and the eastern cultures. I am really interested in the definition of language under various cultural circumstances, the interaction between Chinese philosophy and western thoughts and the relationship between people and their surroundings in different cultures. Adhering to the concept that great works usually come from true experiences, feelings, imagination and the world that artists perceive by themselves, I treat every piece of the works as a portal connecting between the outside world and myself.


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Shelia Liu, a junior year student at School of Visual Art.

She likes doing experiment with different media, like digital illustration, watercolor and pastel.

She thinks all the artists should be half poet and half craftsman. We should have poets’ creativity and imagination and craftsman’s patience and skills.

Her paintings are created for expressing her emotions. And she hopes to maintain an artisan’s spirit in everything she does, maintaining enthusiasm and persistence for each work.



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Yiduo Li is a current design student in School of Visual Arts. She decided to be a designer since she loves the process of problem solving, but she is also passionate about fine art and illustration.

Making art is a way of finding answer in life for Yiduo, which is similar to problem solving. She converts her thoughts into visual representations, and she enjoys the process finding the best way to visualize her ideas. To her, art is a storytelling, a meditation, and a life message.


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Cathy Sun (Xiaoyin) is an artist, multi-media technologist based in New York City. Cathy’s work focuses on a range of interactive art & design, game design and creative coding. She is finishing up her M.F.A degree in Design and Technology at Parsons The New School of Design.


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Anyu Wu is an illustration major student in School of Visual Arts. She studied art when she was a child, and graduated from CAFA high school in 2014. Art has become a part of her life. For her, it is a way of communication. She is not a good talker, but she is satisfied with expressing her thoughts and feeling through her painting.

Oriental traditional culture has always been very attractive to Anyu. It is her main topic when she creates art. Mysterious monsters, Taoist immortal and Buddhist culture always make her excited and praise the ancients’ extraordinary imagination and devout religious belief. However, the more she understands, the more she finds she is ignorant with them. Her heart stands in awe of those cultures. Anyu is always very careful when using them as subjects. She just hopes she can convey them through art perfectly.

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Vanessa Xu is a visual artist, traveling and living abroad in different cities in China and the U.S. She loves fantasy and dazzling colors, grotesque and diversified subjects, blowing your mind as well as your consciousness with the strong visual effects. Vanessa was interviewed by VICE (China), For Him Magazine (China), ICN TV Network, ect.


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Apple Zhou was born and raised in Beijing, China. Now she goes to School of Visual Art in New York City majoring in Illustration. Other than Illustration Design and Photography, she is also passionate about food, silly doodles, food and her dog.



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