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Emotionally Coded: Opening Reception March 11 at 7PM

March 11 – April 10, 2020


Emotionally Coded is showing in the LES Gallery from March 11- April 10. The opening reception will be on March 11 in the LES Gallery from 7-9PM.

In this exhibition, three mid-career artists bring diverse approaches to voice political and personal issues regarding class, gender and the history of East/West relations. Coming from very different backgrounds, Curt Ikens from The United States, Eun-Ha Paek from Korea and Yukiko Nakashima from Japan, these artists use highly individualized, enigmatic visual language through installation, sculpture, drawing and painting, yet the threads running within and between their works reveal that they are not foreign to one another.

The artists’ works proudly proclaim freedom through revelatory expressions of vulnerability and acknowledgement of personal turmoil. They provoke viewers to ponder the internal voice, and to challenge everyday indifference regardless of personal history. Their codes claim: there are no boundaries between us while standing before works that engage our deepest inner feelings.