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May 14 – July 14, 2018

On view starting May 14, 2018

PSOS18 is a curated show of guest and resident artists honoring the unexplored nooks and crannies of our building.

The Clemente, formerly a public school designed by Charles B, J. Snyder in the collegiate neo-gothic stye is a magnificent building which houses along with its 4 theaters, 2 galleries, 55 studios and 87 artists. The building itself, to artists, represents infinite possibilities for installations.
This year, as part of our annual Open Studios the OS18 Team decided to hold an open call to our residents and the art community at large to fill some of these under-used corners, landings and hallways.  It gives our artists an opportunity to exhibit larger scale works outside their studios and to experiment with new mediums like installation, video and sound art. And it gives an opportunity for outside artists to be a part of this thriving community and have their work seen during our Open Studios which attracted 939 people last year.
After reviewing many submissions to our select 15 locations’ open call, 17 artists were invited to participate in this year’s PSOS18 show. The art is being installed May 12 & 13 and will be on view as of May 14, some installations remaining through July.
We hope to continue this effort every few months to give artists in-house and out an opportunity to show their work to the 8000 plus visitors that come yearly through our beautiful building.

PSOS18 artists in order of Location:
  1. Flavia Souza
  2. Thibaut Dapoigny
  3. Jason Rosenberg
  4. Philly / Kondor 8, Carlucci Bencivenga, Dave Vulcan, Steve Ellis
  5. Nys Sola
  6. Leslie Rios
  7. David Friedman
    Seungkyung Oh
    8. Lisa Lebofsky, Rafael Perez, Melanie Vote
    9. Hagar Fletcher
    10. Izuo Watanabe
    11. Keka Marzagao
    Ann Shostrom
    12. Luisa Caldwell
    13. Katharine Umsted
    14. Nat Ward
    15. Nicole Parcher