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Teatro LATEA

February 13 – March 31, 2019, LATEA Theater




Régine is a dynamic storyteller who uses photographs/film/performance to create acts of social resistance to stoke the collective imagination and keep alive new ways of seeing. For the past two years, she lived in Benin, West Africa, conducting research, teaching, completing her “Brooklyn to Benin: A Vodou Pilgrimage” mixed-media project and directing/producing three short films. While in West Africa, she created the WaWaWa Diaspora Centre – to actively heal historic wounds and trauma related to the TransAtlantic Slave Trade through inter-generational arts, education, and exchange programs.

She has over 20 years of experience teaching, training, and supporting diverse populations utilizing memory, arts/creativity, critical analysis, social justice activism, mediation, humor, and mindfulness as key pillars in her work.  As a visual and performing artist, she makes use of mixed-media tools to promote love, understanding and respect by addressing issues of discrimination and misrepresentation through participatory and reflective learning practices.

Régine received her BS in International Studies from Bowie State University (HBCU) and MA  in Photography and Urban Culture from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Tuesday February 19th

Showtime 7pm-10:30pm

Admission $15 online / $20 Door

By Regine Romain


Christiane A scientific bio-musical is a tribute in life to Christiane Dosne Pasqualini, a renowned scientific researcher, who arrived at 22 years old in Buenos Aires to work alongside the Nobel Prize winner Bernardo Houssay Born in France, raised in Canada and Argentina by adoption. CDP devoted herself with fervent passion to finding the cause of cancer in her laboratory mice. It was, in turn, the first of its kind in occupy a seat at the National Academy of Medicine. Christiane is a woman, she is a wife, she is a mother and she is a scientist. Through this piece, we enter the life of an adventurous and avant-garde being. This bio-musical scientist based on the autobiography of CDP, “I wanted what I did” – it is the tribute of a granddaughter actress to her scientific grandmother.An ode to life and work, which deserves to be witnessed by all those lovers of stories filled with energy and passion.


Written by Alex Vásquez Escaño and directed by Edgar Mozoub, Cama para Dos tells the story of a recently married couple that begins the journey of “sharing a bed” and how they negotiate their bed space. During this exchange, they hire a “bed psychiatrist” that propels bedroom talk unto a whole other level.

Starring Malcolm March, Hector Luis Rivera and Tatiana Ronderos    

Escrita por Alex Vásquez Escaño y dirigida por Edgar Mozoub, Cama para Dos cuenta la historia de una pareja de recién casados que comienza a compartir dormitorio y cómo se relacionan en la cama.  Durante este intercambio, ellos consultan a un “psicólogo de  almohada” quien proyecta “las confesiones de alcoba” a otro nivel.
Protagonizan Malcom March, Hector Luis Rivera y Tatiana Ronderos.

A partir de un trabajo documental con actrices latinas en Los Ángeles y Nueva York, Ese animal que soy a veces pone en crisis la representación dramática y expone el cuerpo performático en zonas de riesgo. Tres actrices comparten con los espectadores sus experiencias de vida, estrategias de sobrevivencia y reflexiones sobre el arte de actuar, testimonios que aparecen en distintos formatos y que se superponen con una atmósfera que utiliza elementos sonoros y audiovisuales para recrear los espacios que estos cuerpos habitan. Ese animal que soy a veces presenta una mezcla de ficción y no ficción, de metáfora y literalidad, una mirada única sobre un oficio bajo las políticas de inmigración de Trump.


Joel Mateo (Drums) is a drummer and percussionist from Puerto Rico. He began his musical studies at an early age at the Escuela Libre de Música Juan Morell Campos in Ponce, PR. He continued his music studies completing a BA in the Interamercian University in PR, and then an MA at the Aaron Copland School of Music in NYC. His musical range has led him to play live and record with international artists such as Papo Vázquez, Miguel Zenón, Manuel Valera, Andy González, Tego Calderón, Elio Villafranca, John Benítez, La Mala Rodríguez, and Paoli Mejias, among others. Joel currently resides in NYC, where he continues to play, record and travel with different artists and groups.

Miguel Zenón is a Puerto Rican alto saxophonist, composer, band leader, music producer, and educator. He is a multiple Grammy Award nominee, and the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a MacArthur Fellowship. Zenón has released many albums as a band leader and appeared on over 70 recordings as a sideman.

Miguel was recently here in January performing during eMeLe-K week long tribute to Martin Luther King jr.

Saturday February 23rd

Showtime 8pm

Admission $15 online / $20 Door


An evening where absurd experimental theatre meets music, improv, and sketch comedy. Featuring performers from UCB, The PIT, and The Magnet Theater.


A Teatro 220 Improv

Improv and Party on Oscar night

  • Free Oscar Party w/ a Teatro 220 ticket
  • Special Guest – Gilberto Gabriel & Diana Pou

February 24th – 7:00 PM


Amor, Wyatt, Amanecer and Billy defend love and peace, they live threatened by a three headed monster: individualism, rationalism and materialism. Outside the global warming is unbearable, the elite invent wars and no one wants to listen or face reality. They all walk like the living dead, isolated by their headphones and their technological prosthesis. The human decay is the common denominator and the only place to find shelter is the vegan restaurant of Los Pied Pipers in Woodside, Queens.

Adapted & Directed by Alejandro Aguilar


ADVC presents: Season of the Witch
ADVC is a post-professional dance collective. Season of the Witch is a culmination of exploration and growth over the last 4 years.


LATEA presenta al grupo de improvisación teatral Teatro 220, en su nuevo show de IMPROMINGO. Cada dos domingos al mes, nuestra audiencia podrá disfrutar de noches de improvisación como espectador o como participante. Este nuevo concepto, libre de costo, brinda la oportunidad de abrir un nuevo espacio teatral para nuestra comunidad latina, lleno de diversión y pura comedia.

Andrés López-Alicea, Venuz Delmar, Christopher Cuevas, Gilberto Gabriel Díaz, Braulio Basilio, Luis Ponce y Ursula Tinoco.


3 y 17 de febrero

3 y 17 de marzo

31 de marzo – SKETCHOMINGO

Hora: 8:00pm
Duración: 1 hora
Costo: GRATIS. Se aceptan donativos.
Espacio limitado: 20 personas