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TIP: Hang in There

June 15 – July 7, 2020

You’re invited to join us for a series of live studio tours on our IG Live page @theclemente We’re hosting conversations on affordability and sustainability for NYC artists. Please fill out this form if you would like to participate and get featured on our page.


Organized by Clemente Resident Artist Jan Baracz

Can you think of an amulet, a charm or an object that is an invocation of your wish, longing or desire in this time of great uncertainty? Is there an image, a shape or a gesture that you want to share? Let’s connect and reclaim space during quarantine.

Each participant can attach one object, no larger than 10″ wide to the outside fence of the Clemente parking lot on Norfolk Street. It can be a small sculpture, found object, an artifact, a painting or a subtle gesture. Install it observing social distancing rules. We will ensure that all work will be installed in a respectful manner that does not compromise the fence structure. We are prepared to have it damaged or lost. We will document it.

#theclementefence #hanginthereles