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Ending Sunday: Ultimate Nature

Cecilia Biagini & Dolores Furtado

August 8 – October 13, 2017, 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm, Abrazo Interno Gallery

Remembering, Constructing, Inventing

“The island was only visible for a few moments, but the air was so clear, and the sea framed it

which such cruel thoroughness that even the smaller details would implacably adjust to the

memories of the previous passage”

-Julio Cortázar, The Island at Midday

Cardboard trees, narrow paths through lush spaces, gypsum coral, a green foam rubber lake, fragile cotton

clouds, a flaming tulle fire, and a ladder suspended in the air form an evanescent space like memory;

which artists Dolores Furtado and Cecilia Biagini evoke from their experience as migrants in New York.

The installation presents a lively island that may hide a hint of what it sometimes means to migrate: the

constant reminiscing, the overlap of a physical and a mental landscape, the acceptance of an agreement

for a better survival. The urban nature of the materials contrasts with the natural illusion of this

environment; while at the same time this island of memories and fantasies changes to resemble that other

island they now live in.

Instead of a recreation of nature, the exhibition can be thought of as the reconstruction of a memory. What

is a memory but the construction of a new territory? The idea is to delineate a human geography, a space

made of little islands, small and inhabitable formations, disjointed, that are nothing but evocations born in

that space between the conscious and the unconscious, where associations and scenes from the past

cohabit with the present and a new reality. It is a simple exercise, neither solemn nor nostalgic, that

proposes the idea of memory as an invention.

-Verónica Flom, September 2017

Special thanks to: The Clemente, Materials for the Arts, Todd, David and Tony Knott.

Poems by: Allen Ginsberg, Fernanda Laguna, Rosario Bléfari and Han-Shan.

Illustrations from the book Visual Explanations by Edward R Tufte.