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Voracious Eye

Pot Luck Reception - August 2oth, Tuesday, 6-9pm

August 7 – 26, 2019, Abrazo Interno Gallery

Exploring Food’s Varied Meanings
Abrazo Gallery,
The Clemente, 2nd floor
August 7 – August 26, 2019
Gallery Hours 3:30 – 7pm
Potluck Reception (no alcohol, please) – Tuesday, August 20th, 6-9pm

Dalia Amara | Tom Bogaert | Linda Byrne | Susanna Coffey | Sally Curcio | Julien Gardair | Linda Griggs | Lisa Hanson | Kirsten Hassenfeld | Amy Hill | Julia Justo | Maria Lupianez | Christina Marsh | Tracy Miller | Bill Massey | Mark Power | Moses Ros-Suarez | Paul Smith | Mary Jo Vath | Suzanne Varni | Melanie Vote | Chris Wright |  Dolores Zorreguieta 


Curated by Suzanne Varni
Co-curator, Linda Griggs

Food is Love, an Object, in Danger, a Danger, Entertainment, Symbolic, a Cypher, a  Seduction, and a Substitute for the Body.

Food may well have been art’s first subject.  The oldest known are Indonesian cave paintings of a pig and bull at 35,400 and 40,000 years old respectively.

In the last ten years or more the conversation around food has expanded. Some include wars that result from food insecurity and their impact on the environment, the use of GMOs in agribusiness, urban food deserts, and the depletion of the oceans. Personal conversations center around food allergies, both deadly and imagined.  When food is entertainment we talk about celebrity chefs and destination restaurants.

 From mythology and fairytales come the horror of children devoured; from nature, the male consumed by the female; and from the most primal places, an atavistic hunger that engulfs even itself.

This show explores foods’ varied meanings including pointed political abstractions, voluptuousness and the body, and fond, regional memories.

— Linda Griggs

Edible Options

Everyone can relate to eating in some way or another. It is an act that people execute similarly but experience differently, often in very personal ways. The eclectic group of visual artists whose work appears in the exhibition serves up a wide assortment of interpretations on this common theme. Though the artworks are all directly or indirectly inspired by the concept of eating, the content and execution is remarkably varied. The mediums of painting, photography, and sculpture are all used to express individualistic views and experiences that are best described visually.

— Michael Katchen