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Edwin Montalvo at LES Gallery

January 31, 2017

My imagery is the product of the painterly action of pushing and pulling paint across the canvas. These images substantiate memories that have been buried by the persistence of time. They are part of my visual lexicon and are only found as I recognize their presence.
Birth place: Santurce, PR
1992 La Napoule, France study abroad program concentration: Painting
1993 BFA University of Massachusetts at Amherst Concentration: Painting
1996 MFA Yale University School of Art
Concentration: Painting/Printmaking
I currently work as a Visual Arts teacher at the High School for Media and Communication located in Washington Heights, Manhattan.
I started painting and drawing at the age of 9. Encouraged by mother, I continued working independently on my craft until college when I decided to major in painting. In 1988, I moved to Massachusetts to start my bachelor’s in fine art that I completed in 1993. I taught for a year after graduation and then applied to Yale University. I graduated in 1996 and moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I continued painting. There I met my wife, Eva. In 2004, I had my first solo exhibition at the Kevin Bruk Gallery in Miami, Fl. I have continued painting and teaching since.
Thank you
Edwin Montalvo
The Crunge 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
Joshua’s Tree 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
In time and time and time 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
I gathered my memories into two fairly equal mounds 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
The Door of Perception 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
Ghost of Ole’ Nevada 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2016
The Soft Parade acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 inches 2017
Comfortably Numb acrylic on canvas 16 x 16 inches 2017
Spanish Caravan 36 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas 2017