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Linda Byrne

Line excites me, and interpreting line in various media is my art-making practice; it’s what informs my progression from series to series. I’m attracted to structurally shaped man-made and organic forms that have a linear quality. Water is the constant in my work and connects my personal history with the subjects I feel compelled to express. My dad had been in the Navy and I grew up hearing stories of the seas and spending summers at the beach. He taught me to respect the ocean and the earth, and fostered my interest in old sailing ships. I was born and raised in New York City by first generation immigrants and have always felt a connection to that immigrant and maritime history. I approach my subject matter conceptually or thematically, choosing materials, processes and forms that resonate with a particular theme. From a single inspired visual, I use sculpture, installation, drawing, and painting to express my concerns over environmental issues and historic loss, exploiting the potential for strong but seemingly uncomplicated images to emotionally affect the viewer. The recurring images in my work of ships, fish, nets, nests, and coral reefs, reflect man’s interdependence with nature, speaking to the disappearance of our natural world and a way of life on earth. I want to give voice to those that can’t speak, and like a beautiful Japanese haiku, to say it in visual shorthand. I often employ bold blacks or strong color in my drawings and painting, influenced by graphic design and Asian landscape art. In my sculptures, I focus on materials that further comment on the message of the visual, recently using recycled plastic 6-pack rings for several works.