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As a transplant from rural Iowa, residing in New York City for last 18 years, there is still nothing I relate to more than nature. My paintings combine landscapes with personal icons, fictional artifacts, and figures.

In 2007, I began to replicate childhood toys in plaster, their white forms seeming akin to archaic sculptures. The casting or replication process created a certain level of detachment, rendering the forms universal rather than personal. At the same time, I felt a greater intimacy between the subjects and myself. I then used these objects in maquettes for paintings, inserting them into landscapes both real and imagined.

The images I have created also take inspiration from my fascination with monoliths of antiquity, such as the enormous heads erected by the Olmec. With their culture now extinct, these giant heads were left behind in the landscape, like boulders centuries after a glacier has passed. They seem odd and out of place, even magical–the objects of mythic rites or even other worlds. Such artifacts make me question the place of the icon in contemporary culture and wonder what the relics of our lives will be once we too have disappeared.