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Nicole Parcher

My works are interrupted narratives, rearrangements of old stories and familiar images and objects into new abstract forms.
I have been creating works on paper, oil paintings, collage paintings, and wall installations using a variety of materials. Old children’s books have served as a primary resource for the works on paper as well as paint chips, magazines, sandpaper, rubber, tape, and fabric. The oil paintings are interpretations of the collages using them as a guide for the composition and color. In the collage paintings I am cutting into my old stretched canvases and am stapling, taping, and pinning new collage materials directly on to the canvases in a purposeful painterly way. My installations take the collage directly on to the walls, in a much larger scale. I create abstract compositions out of large pieces of colored latex, fabric, wood molding, colored plastic, contact paper, found objects, and tape. The installations have a feeling of both fragility and endurance to them just like the materials they are made from.
My compositions are playful and often have a great deal of movement. The colors and lines push against one another trying to create a balance between the elements of chaos and order. I am also interested in what is unseen in a work; bits covered over, obscured, hidden, creating a longing and desire to see what is underneath.