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  • 2009 The Hotel on Rivington

  • 2015 Armor

  • 2018 Untitled

  • Untitled

Artist P C Smith avoids the usual flat rectangle as a plane for painting, drawing or photography, constructing objects with curving, intersecting, bi-cylindrical planes. This creates a more human-shaped, two-eyed picture plane, with a central seam of sudden re-vision. Even in early un-constructed work, he reacted against the seamless idealism of classical representation. Smith has been a New York City based artist for over 35 years. His work is primarily channeled through painting constructions, photo-constructions, and writing. Smith is currently working on a painting construction entitled “Drowned Feeling 3”, inspired by the story of roughhousing and drowning by teens.

Artworks featured:

Armor, 2015, oils & acrylics on canvas & chipboard construction, 36x44x21″

The Hotel on Rivington, 2009, pigment printed photographs on rag board construction