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  • Keka Marzagao

Thiago Szmrecsányi


In my work I am always trying to add new meanings and possibilities to everyday objects, existing things, and second hand materials. In doing so, I am also re-examining a practice, playing with long established ideas about art, and the repetitive roles and tasks of the artists. Selecting and handling the overlooked is one of the ways through which I increase and test my knowledge about the field, the material, and the matter. While re-thinking, making, or breaking them I often juxtapose and contrast form and function to highlight ideas that were not particularly evident to me at first. Resulting sculptures and objects still display a lot about their origins. Yet, they also allude to a new context or configuration. Shifting from what they once were to what they are, to what they may become, moves us– artists and viewers alike– to a somewhat flexible ground where one may question its own perceptions…